About Us

Thoughts, Fellas?, is a podcast from the cozy town of Plainfield, Illinois. 

From the awful creatives that brought you some of the worst internet sketches,  comes an all new podcast. We took the worst team members from the former MATAS Podcast, and threw the damn fools into a room with a table and a microphone, just to see what would happen. The three friends met in a high school art class and found a way to interest themselves while pissing off others. Tune in every week and follow along as they have a conversation about anything that peaks their interest in that instance.



This Is Matt

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Hey Dudes, I'm Matt I am kind of an edge lord... according to my friends. I don't really know what to write for this section; I find it weird to talk about myself. I'm the oldest of the group, and I'm sort of the art director.



This Is Maxx

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Anthony told me I had to write a bio for myself but I can't make an assessment of what's worth mentioning.  I'm obviously the bad boy/ heart throb of the pod.  Well, maybe not, but at least I say funny things sometimes.



This Is Anthony

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What's up? I'm Anthony, I told them to write about themselves. I guess you could say I run shit... or at least try to. I'm for sure the middle child of the group. At the end of the day, I'm sleeping because it's nighttime. Idiot.